Calmness & Guided Hand-Massage

Rachel and Yewande

On the 20th of March, ‘Massage Makes Me Happy Day’ (part of World Happiness Day), I tested live streaming on LinkedIn for the first time!

This free pilot workshop provided attendees with a calming hour, featuring breathwork with me and guided hand-massage with Yewande Rolph, professional masseuse and owner of Natural Fragrance Company LTD.

LinkedIn keeps the video up forever but I might add some snippets here too at a later date 😉

Calmness & Feng Shui

Rachel & Suzanne

On the 7th of April, the day before International Feng Shui Awareness Day, I had the pleasure of hosting my very first LIVE-stream interview with INTERIORS THERAPY EXPERT and author of ‘Welcome Home’, Suzanne Roynon.

Hear about Suzanne’s path, her take on ‘mind like still water’ and some tips on how feng shui can calm us.

Calmness & Arts/Crafts

Vache Bleue Gallery, St. Albans 🙂

Ahead of WORLD ART DAY on the 15th of April, I interviewed local artist and

business woman Vanessa Hastings. Vanessa has a fab range of online and in-person workshops for team-building and some of her own works for sale.

Olesya Bean, the lovely owner of Vache Blue Gallery, St. Alban’s, kindly let me host the interview there, where she has a great range of art you can purchase. Olesya was busy selling so apologies for the background noise at times.