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Meet Kevin Lannon: teacher of tai chi for twenty years, in St. Albans & Welwyn

Kevin To Me In September 2019 I attended my first class at the St. Albans School of Tai Chi Chuan. That was the first time I met Kevin Lannon. Kevin is the teacher who has taken me under his wing. He put me forward for my apprenticeship training and invited me to have some one-to-one […]

“How I Began Trying to Calm Down & How it Changed Everything” (part 2 of 2)

I asked myself “what would happen if I just stopped”?  I didnt want to let go of any of my activities. They all mattered to me but I was spread too thinly. So I challenged my need to be attached to any of them. The world would keep spinning, people will start & finish PhDs, […]